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Welcome! I’m Alex Dailey, a Northern Michigan-based freelancer with experience writing and editing for diverse clients, including nonprofits, entertainment publications, news outlets, blogs, retail sites, book review companies, and more.

Feel free to peruse my digital portfolio and reach out with any questions: writing.dailey@gmail.com.

Recent Organized Rambling blog posts

Organized Rambling: Working Remotely – That Freelance Life

Since 2020, the option of working remotely has grown exponentially. Of course, working from home has been a thing for years, but the option really came into its own during the pandemic and has since remained a popular alternative for many fields and industries. And the remote work option happens to be a mainstay for…

Organized Rambling: The State of the Draft

Have you ever set a grandiose goal for yourself with complete confidence that you’ll fulfill said goal’s stipulations? I’m sure most of us have done so at one time or another. On too many occasions, I’ve made myself such promises. And it’s not that I am incapable of making good on my goals; it’s just…

Organized Rambling: The Game of the Name

Last summer, I briefly touched on the topic of names – character names, baby names, names I don’t want people to steal from me, etc. – in a post discussing my WIP, The Calling. And today, I’d like to delve a bit deeper into that topic. Naming – it’s serious. Naming anything — a character,…

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