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Welcome! I’m Alex Dailey, a Northern Michigan-based freelancer with experience writing and editing for diverse clients, including nonprofits, entertainment publications, news outlets, blogs, retail sites, book review companies, and more.

Feel free to peruse my digital portfolio and reach out with any questions: writing.dailey@gmail.com.

Recent Organized Rambling blog posts

Organized Rambling: A Grateful & Hopeful Hermitess

Often, in this unfathomably crazy and discombobulating world, I lament the fact that I’m not an isolated hermitess living off in a most remote woodland area. I would inhabit a quaint cottage (think Sleeping Beauty’s cottage in the glen) and keep a fire stoked for hot drinks at all times. I would surround myself with…

Organized Rambling: Short Stories – My Scary Scourge

You know what scares me? Short stories. Not reading short stories – even though The Gathering Dark anthology has thus far sent several a chill up my spine – but writing short stories. Writing short stories has been my fearful bane since school all those years ago. Writing short stories is a mainstay of high…

Organized Rambling: Fall Fresh Starts

We just crossed the threshold into fall – a new season and the last quarterly fresh start in 2023. F. Scott Fitzgerald said it well: “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” *Chef’s kiss* I used to dread September. It was the end of summer, which meant the dreaded start…

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