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Welcome! I’m Alex Dailey, a Northern Michigan-based freelancer with experience writing and editing for diverse clients, including nonprofits, entertainment publications, news outlets, blogs, retail sites, book review companies, and more.

Feel free to peruse my digital portfolio and reach out with any questions: writing.dailey@gmail.com.

Recent Organized Rambling blog posts

Organized Rambling: Adventures Abroad, Plus Books

Just shy of two weeks ago, I returned from a 15-day European jaunt where I spent the lion’s share of my time in Germany with a brief stint in France. The jet lag has since dissipated, and I’m finally functioning in the Midwestern state of mind again. Ope! The catalyst for this overseas journey was…

Organized Rambling: Aunt and Uncle’s Day

July is home to one of our nation’s most favored holidays – Fourth of July – a day marking freedom, patriotism, and, I think, responsibility. Responsibility to take care of our country and the freedoms we hold dear, as well as shooting off fireworks in a responsible fashion. But did you know another holiday occurs…

Organized Rambling: Am I Original?

A week late and a topic change. Initially, for this blog post, I had committed to discussing what it’s like to be a recently turned 33-year-old, but aside from affectionately sharing that I’ve dubbed this year my “Jesus Year” (iykyk) and lamenting that some people believe I’m closer to 40 than I am (ouch), there…

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