So, who’s behind Writing Dailey?

Hi, it’s me, Alex Dailey, a millennial with a creative writing degree doing her darndest to successfully manage a small freelance business.

The art of writing has always held an important place in my life. In my youth, I wrote standalone pieces with titles like George Washington Kitten and The Fruits of the Spirit Bears (complete with illustrations, naturally). In addition, I attempted continuations of Tolkien’s work (after reading The Fellowship of the Ring in 2001) and a literary sequel to The Polar Bear King, a favorite film of my childhood.

Fast-forwarding to my college years, I honed my abilities in the fiction and non-fiction realms. At the same time, I unearthed my love for editing the work of friends and classmates.

Today, I compose a wide variety of written work: press releases, newspaper columns, blogs, web and social media content, book reviews, honorary speeches, newsletters, human interest pieces, and local arts and culture articles. I apply my editing skills to emails, flyers, membership letters, art exhibition copy, biographies, memoirs, websites, theater production programs, non-fiction manuscripts, and fellow writers’ work. Plus, I have my own blog – Organized Rambling!

I’m so grateful you found Writing Dailey, and I hope you reach out if you ever have need of a writer or editor!

P.S. To learn more about me and my business, check out this Voyage Michigan article!

Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing / Minor: Art History

Grand Valley State University. Allendale, Michigan. April 2012

Associate of Arts in English and Art

North Central Michigan College. Petoskey, Michigan. May 2010